Saturday, January 1, 2011

Upcoming Project

So...  My BFF sent me a link to what appears to be the EASIEST t-shirt craft I've ever seen.  I must admit I'm a little sad/embarrassed that I didn't think of it first.  You can see the idea here or here.  Now I went to JoAnn's several times this week and stocked up on thread, scissors and other goodies they had on sale + I used my teachers 15%off ALL purchases ALL the time!  Yay!  Definitely my FAVORITE crafting store.  Anyway..... After being inspired I went back again yesterday and got a few more supplies seen here (and yes I know I really didn't need any more thread, rotary cutters or scissor/nippers, but at 40 and 50% off I just had to):

I decided to try this idea not only on colored shirts with bleach, but on white shirts using dye - I know!  I think this is going to be genius idea.  So, I got all sorts of fabric dye and I'm still thinking about going back to get more when the hubster isn't with me.  I'm sooooo excited to try it out (as soon as my CRICUT comes in that is)!  For my t-shirts I drew letters by hand and I have them all thrown in a drawer and I pull them out and trace them every time I need them.  I'm hoping my Cricut will help me out with this issue.
And yes I know I don't need a Cricut to do this.  However, after years of creating patterns and cutting them out by hand I refuse to do it anymore.  That's why I bought myself a Cricut for my birthday.... just one week ago and now I just have to wait a couple more days for it to arrive via UPS.  But, I've already got all of the materials laid out and I bought a few different brands and types of dye to test out.  Here are the ones I've decided to experiment with:
As much as I hate don't really care for the color red it is our school color so I went ahead and got some to test out for a spirit shirt.  I purchased red and turquoise (my fav) in powder form and pink and purple in liquid form.  I have really high hopes for this project and I hope it is a success b/c I really think it will be by far one of the easiest crafts ever crafted!!!!

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