Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm thinking

This is just going to be a three months out of the year kind of blog.  I really enjoy blogging to share my crafty creations, however I rarely have time or energy to blog during the school year.  And if I do have free time I usually spend it doing nothing because I am so worn out!  Anyway...  These last couple of weeks have been crazy.  This is (BY FAR) the worst school year I have had yet.  I really need to find a better school closer to home... Despite the stress, I have found time to make a few Pinterest inspired Christmas crafts/gifts.  Here are some ornaments I made for my team using floor wax, fine glitter and vinyl cut using my Cricut:

 I  have a few more things that I made as gifts that I am going to post after Christmas.  I'm really excited about them.  I think everything turned out super cute!  I'm even going to the store tomorrow to pick up a few supplies to do some last minute gifts just because I'm feeling super crafty.  I've been done with my gifts for a few weeks now, but I just can't stop.  Thanks a lot Pinterest! 

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